The documentary was filmed in Valle Vilcanota, known as the Sacred Valley, in the Cusco region of southern Peru and it was shot with two Sony HVR Z1U cameras. Some scenes take place at altitudes of over 5000 meters above sea level in glacial valleys, while others are set in the breathtaking mountain cloud forests where the Andes meet the Amazon. The film is a collaboration between Matchbox Media Collective, Compay Pictures and the help of a great many people. We especially need to thank Martin Dujmovic - our Associate Producer - for believing in us, as well as Kaliana Conesa, Mara Sylvain, Håkan Blomdahl and Richard Bunke for making the film possible. 

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The Team

Gabriel Manrique - Shooting Producer / Director

Gabriel is an independent documentary film maker, and active member of Matchbox Media Collective, who focuses on social and environmental issues. His films are inspired by a background in anthropology, social media and a life of traveling. He has filmed on hydroelectric dams in the Icelandic highlands, by disappearing beaches in Cape Verde, and on narrow Andean mountain trails. 

Carlos Mike Lundin - Shooting Producer / Director

Mike is a film maker with over twelve years experience across four continents working with documentaries, commercials and feature films. Previously based in Las Vegas, Dubai, Nepal and currently in Scandinavia. Thrives from working with multinational crews under challenging conditions. Believes every challenge is an experience we learn from and an inspiration to motivate us. 

Yngve Lundin - Still Photographer

Yngve has lived and worked for over twelve years in Latin America and the Caribbean. Fascinated with Peru, its people, the Pre- Colombian and the Inca culture, he's keen to be back documenting the region as an integral part of the crew.

The Soundtrack 

Composed of tracks by Atahualpa Yupanqui, Pachatusan Inkari, and Johnnny Alberto Blanco Centeno.

Maestro Yupanqui, the Argentine folk icon, drew inspiration from the Andean highlands where he had witnessed the stark realities of the Quechua and Aymara decendants of the Inca realm. His name comes from the last autonomous Inca emperor Pachatusan Inkari, directed by Hebe Ernesto Almonacid Bedoya, specialize in pre-hispanic music. Maestro Bedoya reconstructs instruments found at archaeological excavations and recreates the music once played by his ancestors. Johnny Alberto Blanco Centeno, following in his fathers footsteps, plays a harp specific to Cusco, former capital of the Inca Empire Tawantinsuyu.