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Porters Flyer

Our idea - We believe that increasing awareness among tourists who visit the region benefits locals and tourists alike. Before walking the Inca Trail, few know how badly some porters fare during the trek, and finding a decent tour operator is difficult to say the least. We are changing this by giving a window to the porter's perspective of the trail and by linking to operators recommended by porters.  

Travelers to Cusco - A way to contribute is to donate trekking kit, medicine and clothes to the porters, and if you like the film print the flyer and help us spread the word. Place it in a Cusco guesthouse, a café in your hometown, or give it to your companions on the Inca Trail. Take part in making people aware of the porters' situation.

Crowdsourcing - Help us with translation! The website supports any language, and we need your help to translate it. Use the Universal Subtitles app to subtitle the trailer to any language. Do you have any ideas that can help? Did you translate a page to your language? Let us know by contacting us

Linking - Link to our site and pass it on to your networks. The Sacred Valley might receive more than 1 000 000 visitors this year alone, and a few might be people whom you know. By linking us with your friends more people will visit the valley knowing better what lays ahead. 

Support us - One way to support us is to buy the film, or to donate. Surplus from the film sales will go towards porter related labor and health projects. A popular idea is a way station in the village of Ollantaytambo for overnight lodging, with advice on health and work issues. We are also interested in micro development incentives that target women.

Screen the film - Do you want to show Porters of the Inca trail in your hometown? The film is made under a Creative Commons license which allows for non-commercial use. We appreciate letting us know before a screening, so we can help advertise the event. For commercial use and for the purpose of institutional educational archives, please contact us for a quote.